• No Startup or Monthly Subscription Fees
  • No Hardware or Software Costs
  • Full-time, Professional Staff Assigned to Your Account
  • 3-tier Transcription Proofing Process
  • Accuracy Rating of 98% or Greater
  • Consistent 1 Business Day Turnaround Time (TAT)
  • Simple Pricing Structure based on 65 Character Lines
  • Dedicated Customer Service Staff
  • Dictate via 24x7 Toll-free Phone System
  • Upload Audio from DIgital Handheld Recorders via Secure Web Interface
  • Download Transcripts via Secure Web Interface
  • Mobile Version coming this year!



Since 2000, Scriptacom Solutions, Inc. has provided advanced, cost-effective digital Medical Transcription Services. Our service enables you to complete the dictation to transcription cycle within 1 business day for as little as 1/3rd of the prices that other services charge, while ensuring security, accuracy and reliable turnaround time.
While the primary industries that we serve are medical, legal, business and education, we can also handle general transcription services for any industry.
We provide you with a simple to use, yet highly secure online 24x7 Web-based HIPAA-compliant transcription solution - available anywhere, anytime.


Getting started is simple, and we can provide you with references across many medical specialties.


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