Scriptacom Solutions is a turn-key, cloud-based medical transcription service serving customers in a variety of verticals and industries such as legal, business and education. 


Medical Transcription Services

We provide you with a simple to use, yet highly secure web-based transcription solution that is also HIPAA-compliant. We can also integrate right into your EMR!

Legal Transcription Serivces

Scriptacom is a legal transcription service provider that has been in business for the past two decades. We provide law firms and associated organizations with secure and accessible transcription services in a timely basis.

Business Transcription Services

Whether you are recording a board meeting, delivering product instructions, conducting sales training, or hosting a brain-storming session, Scriptacom is the right service for your important business related matters.

Educational Transcription Services

Whether you are a State University, Junior College, High School, or other learning facility, Scriptacom is able to provide academic transcriptions of classroom discussions, lectures, and guest speakers.